Ramadaan Appeal 1439/2018

By your ongoing support and dedication towards this worthy course, the institute is now operational in the broader Johannesburg region extending from Atholl in the north to Orlando in the south as has been highlighted in the annual report together with having established a global footprint in terms of rendering of advisory and other services to the broader ummah at large.

Alhamdulillah, the institute has also finally secured a property to serve as its official home in Atholl and we are currently about to commence the second phase of the masjid and madrasah building project in the near future insha Allah upon the finalization of the zoning process by the help of Allah.


Alhamdulillah through thus unique partnership of ours, the institute has grown in its humble way to be of service to the ummah in a number of spheres extending over the following initiatives:-

 1.   Establishment of a Masjid and Islamic Centre in Atholl

  2.   Providing of Basic Islamic Education and Establishment of the Maktab in the name of Madrasah Raudhatus Saaliheen

 3.    Establishment of an institute of higher islamic learning in the form of the Almazaahir Institute of Islamic Sciences which offers the advanced Arabic and Shariah Studies Program together with the Hifzul Quraan Program

  4.  Establishment of a Research Centre and Islamic Library

  5. Instituting of a Post Graduate learning program in specialisation in Islamic Jurisprudence and issuance of Islamic Verdicts

  6.  Commissioning of a shariah advisory and consultative platform in the form of the Darul Iftaa providing guidance on shariah matters and for mediation and arbitration in disputes

  7.  Providing of specialist analysis and guidance regards the drawing up of islamic wills and matters related to inheritance

  8.  Formulation of Almazaahir Islamic Services Centre which is community based in serving the general needs of the community

  9.  Social welfare and relief coordination in Alexandra, Fietas, Brixton, Noorgesig and Orlando East

 10. Community Development and Social Cohesion in the broader Sandton Area

 11. Founder member of the Masjids of the North networking and coordinating initiative.

12. Establisment of a Centre for Spiritual Upliftment, Zikrullah and Meditation in the form of Khanqah Mahmoodiyyah under the guidance of our spiritual mentor and teacher, Fadheelatus Shaykh Al Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri Hafizahullah

13.  Conducting of Daily and Weekly programs at the Institute for both males and females.

14. Promulagation of the publications wing of the institute in the name of Markaz Ishaa'at Faiz-e-Ahmad.

15.  Overseeing and managing the Townships And Rural educational and social development Program

By the Grace of Allah and your generous support.


 It is towards this end and in further enhancing the aims and objectives of the institute that we would once  again  solicit your gracious support in the form of entrusting us with the disbursement of your compulsory and voluntary dues as has always so generously been the case.

Kindly do note that we are duly registered as an NPO and PBO and issue section 18A receipts as well to all prospective donors.

May Allah bless you in every way and keep us in your duaas.

 Our annual report regarding the detailed activities of the institute and  the building project  is available on request for your kind perusal.