The Al-Mazaahir Islamic Services Centre is a branch of the Al-Mazaahir

Institute of Islamic Sciences which focuses on interacting with the communities around it in terms of its spiritual, social, and educational development, exclusively for the sake of Allah Ta'aala.
To this end, its primary objective is to uplift and empower every member of the immediate communities it engages with, whereby one-and-all, whether
young or old, brother or sister, may participate in a unique program of activities year-round, to bring out the inherent potential Allah Ta'aala has
kept in us all in becoming the true servants of Allah.
As firm believers and adherents of our Deen, Al Islam, it is certainly the desire of each one of to strengthen ourselves and become a means for others to
enjoy the fruits of Islam as well.
It is by means of these activities, that we will be able to portray the multifaceted nature of our Deen and jointly strive to engender amongst ourselves the true spirit of Islamic Brotherhood and unity, and aspire to reach out unto others as well.
If this is truly what is gripping our hearts and minds so often, then Al-MISC is certainly the platform to give expression to these hidden desires of ours.
Why not then become a GOODWILL AMBASSADOR of the CENTRE now!
The CENTRE offers a wide range of activities to one and all in which we could participate and become part and parcel of!!
Think about your involvement in uplifting your self and the communities around us and the critical role you may play in achieving this noble goal to become a strong and dynamic Ummah unified in vision and unified in our efforts to become one unified body!!

Consider your participation in :-
[1] Youth Development ( Co-ordinating of special activities such as swimming, archery, horse riding and much more as prescribed in the Sunnah)
[2] Hilaal (Islam and Science)
[3] Sisters Forum (Exclusively for sisters All ages welcome)
[4] Burial Service ( A much needed service in conjunction with the relevant authorities to learn about the do's and don'ts of death and after death,
bathing of the mayyit, kafn, dafn etc)
[5] Skills Development and Ummah Empowerment
[6] Library Resource and Research Centre ( A must have learning node to entrench Islamic Culture!)
[7] Da'wah and Propagation (Taking Islam to the masses…)
[8] Outreach and Relief (Rehabilitation and under-privileged development- Adopting a community around us…)
[9] Inter-Masjid Co-ordination of Activities (Adult Educational Program)
[10] Shar'I Advisory Service ( Offering a wide range of highly skilled services in what may be affecting your life strictly confidential!)
[11] Special Projects ( Qurbani, Eid, Educational Tours, etc)
[12] Islaahi Majaalis (Spiritual Discipline and Reformation of the Soul)