“Mazaahir al-Uloom” is a newly formed educational institute. By the grace of Allah reached the culmination of its eighth year. It has been established to cater for the ever growing and diverse needs of the Ummah in providing sound and astute academic leadership and guidance in all matters affecting its wellbeing, safeguard and long-term stability.
To this end, the institute, by the Grace of Allah, takes this opportunity in bringing to your notice an offering of a course structure encompassing advanced learning in Arabic, Qur'aan, Hadith, Fiqh, Usoolul Fiqh and other related Islamic Sciences entrenched in the Dars-e-Nizaami.
Concurrent modules addressing current issues facing the Ummah also form part of a more detailed syllabus incorporating the core structure.
For the determined and aspiring learner who seeks to arrest the notion of a well-deserved and constructive educational future, grounded in personal discipline, spiritual development and with a fervor to serve the Ummah, “Mazaahir al-Uloom” may be the affiliation you have been looking for.



The launch of an institute of this nature has been motivated by the following factors:
[1] Ever growing and compounding challenges facing the Ummah which calls for a move towards entrenching the core Aalim Faadhil Syllabus together with introducing concurrent modules on a diversity of subjects to facilitate in addressing the pressing needs of the Ummah.
[2] Lack of Specialists to service the needs of the Ummah in the evolving and crucial fields of Education and Training, Da'wah and Propagation, Economics
and Finance, Journalism, Politics, Media and Communication and various others.
[3] Facilitating of sound leadership and scholarship skills for the guidance of the Ummah.



[1] To serve the Deen of Allah Ta'aala exclusively for the pleasure of Allah Ta'aala.
[2] To create a vivid revival of the Qur'aan and the Sunnah in every facet of life.
[3] To entrench the aims and objectives of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa'ah.
[4] To address the challenges of the time by equipping students with necessary spiritual, academic and global outlook required to serve the Ummah.
[5] To create specialists in every field of human endeavor affecting the Ummah.
[6] To instill a sense of leadership, maturity and fortitude in our students to become forbearing and diligent leaders of society.
[7] To mobilize such individuals who would relentlessly serve the cause of Deen irrespective of the consequences to be borne out therein.
[8] To revive the spirit of scholarship and academic prowess engendered by our A'immah and Salaf-as-Saaliheen of the past.
[9] To rekindle the burning amber of uplifting the masses.
[10] To strive towards instilling a spirit of true Islamic Brotherhood amongst the Ummah.
[11] To strongly promote spiritual discipline, lead by example and create role models of society.
[12] To exploit the dormant talents of our students to the utmost in accomplishing the above.


[1] Tahfeedhul Qur'aan and Tarbiyyah An intensive Qur'aan memorization program catering for both full time and school going children with a special focus on nurturing and training and personal development.
[2] Aalim Faadhil - A six year graduate program in Languages and Shariah Studies as instituted in the Darse- Nizaami.
[3] Takhas sus Fil Fiqh wal Iftaa A two year post graduate program focusing on specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence.
[4] Islamic Economics and Finance- A certificate program for Ulama and Muslim Professionals.
[5]Arabic Language Course- An evening course focused at those aspiring to the learn the language of the Glorious Qur'aan.